The END is coming… What should we do about it?

The END is coming… What should we do about it?

How do we prepare, if we can see the End clearly coming? If you are a “survivalist”, then you build a bunker and stock it with food, weapons, medicine and such. If you are a Christian fundamentalist, maybe you give away all your worldly belongings and go wait in a cave for the End to come. Muslims however have always had the same strategy. We choose the middle path in all of our affairs, without going to extremes in either direction. We continue with our worldly pursuits as usual, but at the same time we try to increase our good deeds. We try to improve our prayers, fasting, sadaqa (charity), we go for Hajj and Umra, etc. We try to increase our knowledge of our religion.

We all should have read the complete QUR’AN, including its translation in whatever language we understand best. We all should have read (at the very least) “Riyadh Us Salaheen”, a comprehensive collection of hadeeth that should be in all of our homes. We all should have read Imam Nawawi’s Forty Hadeeth, and if you are up to it, the complete collections of Saheeh Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim as well. Don’t forget other short books like “Aqidah Wasitiyah” by Sheikh ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyah, “Kitab At Tawheed” by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, even “Fundamentals of Tawheed” by Dr. Bilal Philipps. These are the basics, that every one of us should have read. Is there any of you who have not taken the time to read these short books? And yet you are currently wasting your time reading my drivel? ¬†We all need to know, at the very least, just what Allah wants of us in this life.

Then, finally there is our du’a (supplication) that we make to Allah Alone everyday. We should seek refuge in Allah from many things, including the trials of masih al dajaal (the false messiah), the trials of life and death, etc. When the fitnah(s) of the Last Hour do actually come, no money, bunkers, weapons, food or medicine are really going to help anyone. If a person has faith (Iman) and knowledge, this is what will get him through those trials and tribulations. Nothing else will suffice! Muslims should follow this basic strategy throughout their lives, whether they perceive the signs of the Hour coming or not. If seeing these signs approach galvanize us into action, then Alhamdulillah! All Praise is due to Allah Alone for helping us.


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