Dar Al Taharah

How long will we live in this life? What will we do before we leave this life? These are the questions you think of when you start to get older. Older and wiser… I spent my whole life working as an employee. Earning a wage and living from paycheck to paycheck… Like most of us do in this life. We always imagine that some day we will build a masjid or do something good for the sake of Allah… but how many of us actually reach a point in their lives when they do?

Dar Al Taharah is just a dream right now. But all good plans start as a dream, and then by the Grace of Allah, Subhanhu wa ta’ala, some of them eventually become a reality. In 2006, myself and about 25 other Muslim converts all purchased land in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, Philippines. The location of these lots are in the middle of beautiful farm land. We all dreamed of building a Muslim Community of our own. Ten years later, I am the only one who has been blessed to be able to build houses there. Developing undeveloped land is not easy. There was no road to even get into the land at first… I ask Allah, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, to Bless and Reward my wife Umm Zaid. Amin. While I was comfortably sitting in Saudi Arabia, she was the one who went there and suffered through the hard work of developing that land and building the houses we now have there. It wasn’t easy at first! We have now offered our help and support to all of our neighbors. We hope we can help them to build their houses on the plots they purchased there years ago. The “Dream” continues…

Because of economic and political reasons, my life has suddenly reached a turning point. Making a decision to leave Saudi Arabia and move to the Philippines is one of the most difficult decisions I have made in my life. I am afraid of many things there, but at the same time I am excited to finally be doing something for Islam and Muslims. May Allah Steadfast us and Help us in all of our endeavors in this life, amin.

Insha’Allah ta’ala, I will start by building a small masjid there in a central location. Then, I hope to continue with a small orphanage and school. I hope to document all of the progress we make on this website and on my YouTube channel (‘Omar Bill’). I have finally embraced modern technology and I am going forward with two websites: www.daraltaharah.com (this site) and www.omarbill.com (my blog) to keep everyone informed about our progress. This is a major change for me! I am “Old School” and I have been keeping a low profile for 30 years… Welcome to the new world… May Allah Help us and Protect us, amin!

Of course, these websites and YouTube videos won’t mean anything without the love and support of our brothers and sisters in the world. If you like what we are doing, please get involved. Spread the word. Post our links… Send us your comments and ideas. Visit us in the Philippines… If you want to move there, I will personally find you land and help you build a house there, insha’Allah.

Hope the best for your Muslim brothers and sisters. At the very least, make Du’a for us!

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