Bigamy or Polygamy? That is the question…

Bigamy or Polygamy? That is the question…

“Bigamy is having one wife too many… Monogamy is the same…” Oscar Wilde

100 years ago nobody in the world cared what the marriage practices of Muslims were. It used to be said that the ‘sun never sets on the British empire’. Yet in all those countries that the British controlled, they never put their noses into peoples personal beliefs. The British didn’t care what their “subjects” believed in. They didn’t care what they worshiped or how many wives they could have… They only cared about controlling the wealth and power. You could even say that they were “respectful” of other people’s cultural beliefs and practices.

But today we live in the age of the “American empire”. The two-faced Americans want to put their noses in everyone’s business. They want to claim “moral high ground” in all of their affairs, yet America is the most immoral country on the Earth today. When is comes to Family Law, they are vehemently against any man having more than one wife…  Yet they were to first country to allow a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman! You call that ‘civilized’? I call that ‘deviant’!

Did you know that there are a few wise non Muslim countries in the world that recognize the different practices of Family law? In Philippines, India, Singapore, Nigeria, South Africa and Sri Lanka polygamy is legal for Muslims. Those countries have intelligently recognized that Muslims have their own systems and beliefs for marriage.

In the Philippines they have Presidential Decree No. 1083. This allows the Muslim minority there to practice all of their own code of Muslim Personal Laws. This is very smart of the Philippines and I admire them for that. I have gotten married twice under these laws in the Philippines and the marriages were performed according to Sharia. Why can’t the Western countries understand this? They spend all of their time criticizing the rest of the world, as if they are more civilized… yet they are clearly the ones who are backwards.

I think it is very strange that the Westerners curse Muslims but not Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or others who also practice polygamy. Oh, you didn’t know that all of those religions permit men to have more than one wife, and many of them still practice it? Google it. For example a Jewish Rabbi in Israel said: “The rabbis at the Chief Rabbinate receive their salaries from the state,” so publicly they have to object to polygamy. “But if you ask them behind closed doors, they will say it’s allowed.”

Bigamy laws exist in most Western countries today, forbidding a man to take more than one wife. However these laws are rarely enforced. The Mormons (Church of Latter-Day Saints) in Utah (USA) still practice it. There is a semi-reality TV Show called SISTER WIVES – up to 7 seasons already… The star of the show, Kody Brown is shown with his four wives in Utah. Just coincidence that it is four… He can have 10 or 20 if he wants to – according to his religion. Unless Brown is “legally married” to all four of his wives, it would be difficult for the state to press charges against him for bigamy; “spiritual marriage” isn’t something governed by the law, and it could easily be argued that interfering with that was interfering with Brown’s right to freely practice his religion. So no bigamy charges or fines or wrist slaps have arisen in response to ‘Sister Wives’ TV show…

I always wonder: why would they only prosecute the MAN? What about the women? Shouldn’t they also be prosecuted for breaking the law too? OH! That’s right, they are just “victims”… Sorry for that… If Kody Brown was a Muslim, he would now be in jail! There is no end to the double standard enforced against Muslims in the world today…

Which brings me to the story I always tell whenever anyone asks me how I can I have more than one wife, when I am an American? Yes, it is true that “bigamy” (the offense of marrying someone while already married to another person) exist in the USA. However, I don’t live in the USA. So first of all, we all must follow the laws of the country or state of our residence. I live in Saudi Arabia. So it is illegal for me to drink alcohol here. But I am an American, and you can drink alcohol in America right? It doesn’t matter. Drinking alcohol would be breaking the law in Saudi Arabia. You must adhere to the laws wherever you live in this world. I cannot bring more than one wife into the United States if she is not an American. However, I can easily have four wives in the USA – as already mentioned – as long as I don’t make them “Legal” marriages.

The story I tell people is completely made up, it has no relation to any hadeeth or anything else. I just like to make a point of how ridiculous these rules are… So here is the story:

In America, the police enter the house of a suspected “bigamist” and finds him living together with four women: An Asian, a Hispanic, an African American and a Caucasian. They ask “What is your relationship with these women?” He explains that these are his four live-in girlfriends. He says that the Asian girl does all the cooking and cleaning. He sleeps with her sometimes, but not often. The Hispanic girl is the most attractive, so he usually has sex with her. He gives her gifts and spoils her, because he likes her the most. The African American girl is rich. So he keeps her around because of her money. He sleeps with her occasionally and takes care of her sexual needs, after-all she is paying the rent… The Caucasian girl works outside the home and brings additional income to the family. He also sleeps with her occasionally. He divides his time with them however he likes, depending upon how he feels day to day. He sleeps with whoever he wants to, whenever he wants to. He gives money to whichever he likes, and withholds from whichever he wants. Sometimes he make them buy the groceries or pay the rent. He bears no responsibility for their children, since they are just girlfriends anyway. If they have children, it is their problem, not his. After his explanation, the police decide that since the women are all here by their own free will, no laws have been broken. And on their way out, they tell him “YOU’RE THE MAN!” (Praising him for getting all those girlfriends!)

The Police then enter the home of another suspected bigamist. Again they find him living together with four women: An Asian, a Hispanic, an African American and a Caucasian. They ask “What is your relationship with these women?” He explains that these are his four wives and that they are all legally married to him. He explains that he divides him time equally with them, and each wife has her night. He explains that he divides his wealth equally with them, and he never gives a gift to one, unless he gives a similar gift to all. He pays all of the rent and all of the bills. He even gives similar food stuffs and clothing to each wife, so no one can say he is being unfair. He even quotes a saying of the Prophet:

Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (salla Allaahu ‘alayhi wa salaam) said: “Whoever has two wives and favors one of them over the other, will come on the Day of Resurrection with one of his sides leaning.” Hadeeth Saheeh: Tirmidhi , Abu Dawood, Al-Nasaa’i and Ibn Majaah

So in the “Sight of God” he swears that he does his best to treat them equally. He considers the marriages to be for life and he takes full responsibility for any children born.

After his explanation, the police have only one comment: “YOU ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO JAIL, YOU BIGAMIST DOG!”

STUPID!!! Yet basically true. A man can abuse women with no limits and have as many ‘mistresses’ as he wants. Yet when he wants to marry them all in the sight of God, he has to go to jail… The Western laws for bigamy are not logical. They would be much better to adopt something like what they have in the Philippines, Singapore and other countries where the number of wives a man can have is based on his religion.

In the USA The Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act was signed into law in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln. The Edmunds Act, also known as the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act was signed into law in 1882 by president Chester A. Arthur, declaring polygamy a felony. The Edmunds–Tucker Act of 1887 was an Act of Congress. All of these laws were directed at Mormons, mostly in Utah. Very few convictions have ever been made…

But wait, let’s look a bit closer. The Edmunds–Tucker Act of 1887 also mentioned that ADULTERY is illegal and punished up to 3 years in prison! Section 3: THAT WHOEVER COMMITS ADULTERY SHALL BE PUNISHED BY IMPRISONMENT IN THE PENITENTIARY NOT EXCEEDING THREE YEARS; AND WHEN THE ACT IS COMMITTED BETWEEN A MARRIED WOMAN AND A MAN WHO IS UNMARRIED, BOTH PARTIES TO SUCH ACT SHALL BE DEEMED GUILTY OF ADULTERY…. It goes on to make incest AND EVEN fornication illegal and punishable! Imagine that! The Americans are supposed to go to jail if they fornicate or commit adultery…. Well, my, my! Things have changed haven’t they? Well they have changed when it comes to enforcing the law anyway. As far as I know, this is still the law in the USA…

The reality is that only a very small percentage of Muslim men actually take more than one wife. The economic realities of having more than one wife are enough to discourage most men from even considering it. The social realities also discourage marrying another one. Most Muslim women today just won’t tolerate for their husband to take another wife. They will make a big “hissy fit” (an angry outburst; a temper tantrum). Believe it or not it is actually much easier for a Muslim man to marry a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife in a Non-Muslim country than in a Muslim country.

Here we are in the “Modern” age, where a man can marry a man, or a woman can marry a woman… yet a man cannot have more than one wife? Am I the only one noticing a pattern of “illogic” here? One thing I am sure of, if anyone gets prosecuted in the future, it will be Muslims. We are all Second-class citizens now in the United States (regardless of what color you are…). “Back of the bus, Moszlim!” All they have to do nowadays is drag any Muslim into court for any charge, and it is guaranteed the jury will prosecute him! “Hey, he’s a frikin Moszlim, of course he’s guilty! He deserves it”…

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